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TDMco. provides a modern data aggregated and visualisation solution to tier 3 Lenders and Fintechs who provide Commercial Lending. 

TDMco by relying on AI/ML solutions and with leveraging Open Banking and in a broader aspect, Open Data promotes and encourages its targets market to improve their services to their customers by providing automation and prediction capability. 

The solutions remove the gaps between the availability of the data and utilising of it and streamline the Lending processes and decisions by introducing automated and pre-defined best practice processes. 


The vision of the company is to build a commercial credit platform to serve and empower all parties to make win-win decisions.

Tenacious data miners: discover our story

TDM’s team is aimed to bring the best to the clients to build an everlasting relationship. Know the glorious history of TDMco and be the part of this ever-extending family. 

In the year 2018 with a mission to bring the change in the IT world with our innovative FinTech Solutions. The initiative and collaboration of a handful of employees successfully made the organization gain tremendous growth in its starting year, which strengthened our very foundation.

Principles of our work



All of our development follows the Agile/Scrum/Lean principles. All products are designed, built and system and user tested by Business and Technical specialists in their fields. Everything from design to support is systemised and all staff/sub-contractors know the target domains. All of our solutions are managed by a Product Owner, who ensures we document everything, manage releases and release notes and facilitates support and training.



Everyone in our team has a wealth of background in Business – Finance, Collections, Compliance and leading edge Software Development. Our Management Team consists of experienced staff who know our target domain(s), have run and managed businesses for years and drive strict Quality, Integrity and Customer Engagement disciplines. All this, whilst maintaining the operational aspects of a vibrant Fintech.



Our solutions leverage current Open Source and/or Industry Standard platforms (e.g. Microsoft Windows, Linux, Java, React/Angular, OrientDB, Microsoft SQLServer, Cloud enablement (AWS/Azure) and more), as well as catering for On-premise, Managed Service or Cloud-based deployments. All solutions are offered as scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) models to better align pricing to the size of our target Clients and provide the best RoI.



Everyone in our team knows Financial Services, Collections, Compliance and leading-edge Software Development. Our background is the Australian Financial Services and Mutual Sectors. Management has worked in their own businesses for years predominantly focused in Software Development, People Provisioning and Consulting. All this experience and knowledge is why we have been able to rapidly build new leading-edge solutions that meet current and future Customer needs.

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    Global Teams

    TDM manages a healthy diversity recruitment program that relies on access to a global talent pool. Our team brings leadership experience from innovative analytics and engagements.

    Empowered team

    Our consultants are empowered to engage with the client applications from an owner-like perspective. Not just delivery, your long-term success is our business objective.

    Disciplined Approach

    Our methodology combines the best of agile and waterfall approach to emphasize a rapid application delivery with well curated institutional knowledge.

    Cost Efficiency

    Being a narrow-focused services company, TDM is able to offer a great work-life balance and exceptional engagement diversity to our teams.

    Database Applications

    Our teams have extensively worked with data engineering and analytics application. We have the know-how to solve your toughest data challenges.

    Skilled Leadership

    We believe that the team builds on our values to help the projects at the leadership as well as a team contributor level

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